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Pause and Rewind

Whoops — I kind of dropped the ball there on blogging about my album. But it was for a reason: I decided that I need to update my personal site which hasn’t been updated since roughly 2000. I want to have a sort of central place for the stuff I make and then I’ll return to blogging about my album again, possibly in a slightly revised format. I hope to have that worked out within a month.

However in the interest of keeping up my main hobby, which is procrastinating, I haven’t been working on redesigning my site for the past few weeks anyway. Here’s what I have been up to:

  • Celebrity Guess Who
    Teaming up with The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith who had created a series of fun celebrity-guessing party games over the past year or two, we put together a web version that tests your facial recognition skills and your pop culture knowledge at the same time. My first bit of serious programming in over a year, and my first AJAX project ever, I had a lot of fun making it. I managed to get drawn in enough to pull an all-nighter or two!

  • All-Day Buffet
    I just returned from about 34 hours at the Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas, where I rented a room for two nights (just $36/night!) and joined my friends Lisa, Dave, and Cheryl for an all-day buffet pass (just $25!). We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner right there. As gross as that may sound to some, it was actually wonderful. There’s no gourmet food at the Excalibur buffet, but what is there is well-made and very tasty. Between meals we talked up a storm, played games at the midway, had free champagne, hit the pool, Dave played in a poker tournament, and they all did some general gambling as well. Sophie stopped by for a bit, but could not bring herself to do three buffet meals in one day. I can’t say I’d do anything like that again any time soon, but I enjoyed it immensely and seem to have gained only 6 lbs.

  • Tickets to South Africa
    I committed and bought tickets to South Africa for next spring! Eight weeks from March to May. I got a real connection to that place on my last visit, and I’ve wanted to return ever since. A and D continue to go every year and work in the schools there, and it looks like this year I’ll have both the time and money to go help again. I continue to be amazed at how little we understand about what makes a healthy society function, and yet how much we take it for granted. I don’t have any insight into it myself, but I want to observe close-up the struggles of a society on the cusp to see what I can learn.

Oh, and the latest TV show that will receive the J Field Death Touch ™: FlashForward. It just premiered, I like it and I am curious to see where it goes. That means, without question, that it will be cancelled before resolving. You heard it here first.

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6 Responses to Pause and Rewind

  1. great game

    That game is awesome. Michael Jackson was hilarious, and eerily easy. -Neil

  2. Celebrity Guess Who turned out awesome by the way!

    The all day buffet pass sounds great. I would totally do it for all three meals.

    • Plan a trip quick! You’ve only got a short time left to get down here and eat for three!

      Though I suppose you can “eat for three” any time you want, regardless of how many metabolisms are leeching off yours.

      I hear the Excalibur has a very liberal vomit policy, too.

  3. impressive.

    the all day buffet event – entirely jealous!

    back in my day, growing up in sin city, my parents took us on family getaways to circus circus (be it known that i was removed by security at age 7 for playing slots at cc). the treat back then was the massive 99c hotdog from slots-of-fun next door… and maybe a shrimp cocktail if the ponies were running on course. those were the days.

    anyway, looking forward to revamped site…

    • Re: impressive.

      If you ever get yourself back out to Las Vegas, I am sure we can arrange another all-day buffet in your honor. Are you still hiding out in Londontown?

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