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After a morning of writing I go to take a shower and find there’s no water. I guess that’s South Africa’s way of playing April fools on me? Not funny!

Luckily the owner’s house is on a different water line (the city is apparently working on the one that runs to the guest house), and so they let me take a shower there.

I just spend the day hanging out with Andile, her niece, and her nephew. The parents have driven to Tugela Ferry, an hour away, to pick up the grandparents. Later tonight they head off to a church somewhere up north for Easter. Andile will be taking care of the kids for the weekend.

The niece, who is nine years old, is named Nonkazi. She has opened up a lot since our first meeting, and now she’s just a bouncing ball of charisma.

They’ve recently got a puppy — just a few days ago. Nonkazi has named it “Baby Danger”, which is a pretty cool name for a dog, methinks. The cute thing scurries around and nibbles at our shoe laces and pant legs continuously.

Originally we had planned to all have dinner at Andile’s place, however her family doesn’t leave until late, so we re-schedule for tomorrow instead.

Alan, Donna, and I hit a nice lodge in the center of town that I hadn’t been to before. As nearly always, when there’s lamb on the menu, I order it. Delish. A glass of red wine goes nicely. Quite good for a $10.

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