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Okay, I was pretty impressed with myself for keeping up as long as I did, but now I must admit that I am 16 days behind in writing, and I only have 20 days left in Africa. That would mean to catch up and keep up I’d have to write almost double per day going forward. And I just can’t do that. I’ve got too many other things that must be done!

I suppose I could stop being so verbose, but if I’m going to write things down I want to give them the treatment they deserve. There were so many adventures in the past 16 days! An amazing trip through Lesotho, the start of my writing educational software, another amazing trip to Durban, and of course all imbued with the many quirks that make this place such an adventure.

Currently, I’m in Joburg, having just picked up my friend Eric who will be finishing out the next three weeks of my visit with me. I look forward to showing him around and getting his help on the projects I’ve started.

The main two projects are related to a high school way out in the country, past Nquthu, further than Donna and Alan have ventured with their Macs. The principal there managed to build a computer lab with the school’s own budget (as opposed to a education dept. grant), which is rare and impressive. It needs some work, though, and I want to get it in tip top shape. Then I want to put some custom educational software on there that relates very closely to the curriculum, and see if we can get the teachers using the lab regularly. It’s going to take all our efforts to pull it off, so I’m de-prioritizing the journal.

I have bullet points for each day still, and some pictures. I hope to post them at some point, though probably not until after I get back. Hope those of you who have read have enjoyed so far! I certainly have!

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One Response to Uncle!

  1. Enjoy the Rest of Your Adventure…….

    Hey Jonathan

    Thanks for writing as much as you did. I have enjoying reading it all.
    You’ll have plenty of time to write about it when you get back.

    Enjoy the ride while your there.. Time alway goes to fast

    As always,

    Be safe, peace and love


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