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Time Flies

Got an email from a guy in Germany earlier this week telling me that the videos I had posted on the Vendetta website no longer worked. A quick look at my records indicated I had originally put those videos up almost a decade ago. Wow. And those were the new versions — the original versions were posted in 1999 when online video was rare and anything you could find looked like it was filmed in a sandstorm.

Well the times they have a-changed, and I finally got around to cleaning up the Vendetta site to make use of 2005 era technology. Though I have had Vendetta on YouTube and Vimeo for a few years now, the website itself still featured the downloadable copies I had made back in the day.

Just think: when I put those up there was no YouTube. If you wanted to post a video online you had to host it yourself. And if it got too popular — which happened twice with Vendetta — your server would die.

I suppose cool little indie movies are pretty darn common these days, but I’m still proud of Vendetta 13 years later. What an awesome bunch of kids we were.

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  1. I was just thinking about Vendetta today. It was/is awesome.

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