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The Return of DJ Dutchboy

I’m as surprised as anyone, but after some fifteen years in exile, he pops up in South Africa for 30 seconds on the SMASH HITZ tune ALL ABOUT MY MONEY at around 0:50.

Totally awesome day for me. Seven kids from The Location packed into my Kia Picanto and came over to record some tunes. And record we did: four songs in less than eight hours. We used pre-recorded backing tracks that the kids brought, but we wrote the lyrics on the fly in a workshop style, sitting around with pen and paper as the music played in the background and stepping up to the mic and recording parts as they were completed.

Here’s the lyrics to my rap:

Dutchboy here in the KZN from the USA ya I came a long way
Spent 19 hours in a 747 bringing tech to the people so they can get paid
I’m here and I’m ready to see the change
Ya my brothers and my sisters gonna turn the page
Ambition, persistance, we go the distance no resistance
Ya these smart motherfuckers gonna make it rain
If you get in the way you gonna feel the pain
No we don’t waste time locking ass with clowns
Cause we fly getting high not putting other bitches down
Look around, time to rise, lift this town
Shit don’t happen when you fuss and fight
But we gonna make it happen ’cause we do it right.

I don’t have the lyrics for the other guys, but here’s a pic of the SMASH HITZ gang. Want more? Check out our smooth R&B track BABY GIRL. I sing the second verse and background on the chorus.

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4 Responses to The Return of DJ Dutchboy

  1. Mthobisi & Tammy

    Thami: Hey Jay i just wanna confirm that you arrived safety, bcoz i hav been worried ever since you left. Anyway it will be great to hear 4rm you abt yo journey. Awesome
    Mtho: well, i’d lyk 2 hear how u been since u left here in SA it’s been loneliness ever since u left.give us ur feedback on *****

  2. Mthobisi & Tammy

    Hey bra we’d lyk 2 hav yo password if u dnt mind

  3. Mthobisi & Tammy

    Oh anyway dat was Thami & Mtho

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