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Excellent Menu

Just back from England. No, not Scotland, England. And this has nothing to do with it:

But I thought that was a pretty good menu. Particularly items 4 and 8. Yum.

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4 Responses to Excellent Menu

  1. I’m so glad Pig Stomach is doing some live shows while they’re in town. I can only hope Soy Sauce Uterus opens for them at the Fillmore.

    In other news, I just have to say again that Soy Sauce Uterus is the best band name ever.

    • Better even than “Student Teacher Make-Out Session”?

      How do you keep a disembodied pig stomach alive anyways? I imagine them bringing out the organ on some kind of biostatic plate, hooked up to little electrodes with a drip system keeping the surface covered in lymphatic fluid. Appetizing :)

    • Oh… a Japanese friend of mine just told me the literal translation of uterus, as written on the board, is “big meat”.

  2. Oh, OK, “Soy Sauce Big Meat”. Yeah, I’ve had that.

    The mystery I’m pondering is whether they had to lower the price of pig stomach down from $4.50 in order to entice people to buy it (as Kathy would say, “the price makes it good”) or are they raising it from $2.50 because of demand? Or perhaps because of the unanticipated medical costs of keeping pig stomachs alive?


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