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So after peaking at a 102 temperature last night, I am notably better tonight, registering only 99. That’s more or less normal. And most importantly, I feel better. If I don’t pay too close attention, I’d say I feel all better. But then I still get a stabbing head pain each time I cough, which happens pretty often: whenever I breath the least bit too deeply. So I still feel terrible, but it’s all relative: this is a wonderful terrible compared to last night’s terrible.

Mulling over whether I should go to work tomorrow… there’s a board meeting and I’m supposed to talk. If I still feel like this then it might be better if I don’t. We’ll see what another night of sleep does for me, I suppose.

About the only task I had the capacity for today was installing Final Cut Studio on my laptop. I’m a big fan of using the cheapest, simplest tool for the job. But I tried editing my latest video project on iMovie, and it just wasn’t letting me do the stuff I wanted to do. So I decided it was time to upgrade to the big league. Hopefully now I can wrap up this “latest” video project. Heh. “Latest”. I shot the footage for it in 2002. Then I didn’t touch it until last month. That’s pretty late.

Oh: and I know what my next project is. But I can only do it if I hire the right talent. I’ve put in a request…

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