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Wow, I haven’t been meaningfully sick in a long time. But yesterday I started up with a major headache, and now I’m just cowering in bed with a fever and just feeling like crap. My eyeballs feel like they have too much fluid in them. They might pop any second like waterballoons. Too delirious to do anything useful, too achy to sleep. Bah. And I’ve been taking good care of myself recently, too.

To pass the time this morning I read all about different painkillers on Wikipedia. I should probably try a few of those about now.

And this afternoon I watched Talk To Her, which I liked. Strangely my favorite bits were the art-within-the-story bits… the opening and closing ballet, and the silent movie. Overall an excellent bit of storytelling and filmmaking. I should probably watch it again sometime when I’m not delerious, though.

Canned chili for lunch. That’s all the energy I could muster. Bleh.

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5 Responses to Sick!

  1. Boo re: illness. Get well soon!

    • Thanks. I just took my temperature. 102! Is that good or bad? I keep thinking of that Foreigner song where he’s “got a fever of 103″. If Lou Gramm survived, so can I.

      • Regular temperature is what? 98.6? So you’re only about 4% over normal. I’m more concerned with the fact that you’ve got Foreigner lyrics running through your head!

      • It’s true that Lou Gramm could survive a temperature of 103, but even Lou knows that if your temperature gets to 104, then medical attention is urgent. So urgent. So oh oh urgent. Just wait and see how urgent Lou Gramm’s love can be. It’s urgent.

        What I’m saying is just be careful. Seek medical attention if necessary. I don’t want a coroner to find you lying there in your bed with some acclaimed foreign film in your DVD player, an empty can of chili next to you on the floor, and your body as cold as ice.

        OK, phew, that was a long way to go for that last Lou Gramm reference.


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