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La la la

So I went to LA last weekend… drove out in my little Prius, which gets about 42MPG on a trip like that. First I visted my friend Eva, who lives downtown these days. We had some groovy tamales, hit the dollar store, and picked up some excellent fresh sliced mango from a street vendor. I’m not that familiar with LA, but MacArthur park seems quite nice. Then I met her boyfriend and we took turns making fun of her. She’s a good sport.

After that I went to hang with Sophie and her family for Hogan’s first birthday… which is a super-big deal in Korean culture. Like a wedding or something. People came from all over the country, and they rented a big hall and had it catered and all that. The little kid has to choose from a bunch of stuff… a piece of yarn, a pencil, paper money… and whichever thing they choose is their fortune; long life, intelligence, riches, respectively. There may have been some other stuff but I forget. Anyways, he chose the money. Good call. Take the money kid. Long life and intelligence are overrated. Nice party, though.

Saw Brokeback Mountain with Sophie… good stuff. Heath Ledger deserves something for that. Something other than getting beat up by homophobes. Maybe an Oscar or something. Then we hit Claim Jumper for old time’s sake.

Then I cruised on back to Vegas. It’s just a little over a three hour drive. Which goes fast when I’m chatting on the phone with my Dad the whole way!

A good weekend. This weekend I’m going to try to do some responsible stuff instead. We’ll see if that goes as well.

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  1. the little kid can only pick one thing? i guess i agree with you… it’s better to be rich, stupid and die young than being smart, poor and short-lived, or living a long, dumb life with no money.

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