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Horn Bagles

Since my last post I’ve gone to Kentucky, hiked up Mt. Charleston to a 3000 year old tree with Sophie, got a mild sunburn, then had a massage and facial at the GVR spa. I also worked a lot.

Oh, I also had a physical, and got back decent results. My cholesterol was 206, which is a little high, but so much better than the 270 it was at its peak, I’m not complaining. My best ever cholesterol was a 170 about two years ago when I first came to Las Vegas… I was eating a little more seafood and less red meat back then, so this past week I’ve tried to make some adjustments. I must admit I do love me a broiled halibut steak. Mmm good. I was in good shape then too, 15% bodyfat. I’m trying to get back there… I’m about 18% bodyfat at the moment. I’m only exercising about twice a week, but I’m eating pretty well; cooking at home a lot.

Saw A Scanner Darkly today… pretty good. I usually like Linklater’s stuff. I dug the animation style, which I guess is the same as Waking LIfe, though I’ve never seen that. I should check it out.

And I got an iPod today too! Went with the black one (my last one that got stolen was white). It’s the 30GB video iPod. I just cleaned my car today and wanted to get rid of all the CD’s and start listening to a wider range of stuff. I had been putting purchasing one off since I only commute about 3 minutes, but heck, I want more music in my car. I’ve suffered for my sin of leaving my car unlocked. So off the Apple Store I went.

Karen tagged along to the store because she’s been thinking of getting a MacBook. But the Fashion Show Mall closes at 8PM on Saturdays? We made it but she wasn’t willing to make the decision in just a few minutes, so I grabbed my iPod and we stopped for a bite at PF Changs. I ordered Oolong marinated Sea Bass, which was quite good, and she ordered “Unremarkable Duck”. It was unremarkable.

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  1. Thanks for getting an ipod! I assume that means the next generation (the infamous ‘true video’ipod) will be coming out very soon. ;)

    • Heh, yeah, I imagine it’s pretty close to EOL. Glad to help clear out their inventory. I hadn’t thought much about that, but good thing I’m not particularly interested in the video features!

      • Ya, I’m not so excited about the video (after all the current generation ipod does video fine as far as I’m concerned) as I am about the supposed 4-inch screen (the entire face is supposed to be one large screen!) and soft click-wheel. Now if only they make it wireless too, I’d be all set.

  2. I don’t get the rotoscoping* thing. I mean, I heard that they threw in some pure animated stuff but they basically just filmed the thing and then drew over the frames. Now I haven’t seen it, (didn’t like Waking Life and don’t care for Keanu), and don’t plan on it so I ask you, did the animation add anything worth while beyond the film it was painted on? Would it have worked the same had they not rotoscoped it?

    *and since you can rotoscope with computer programs these days (ex. Flash) I have to wonder what they did for rotoscoping that was worth it.

    • I think the hand rotoscoping (though I’m sure it was computer assisted) looked a little more organic than the flash stuff. I thought it looked pretty good. Did it add to the film? I don’t think it was necessary. It added a level of abstraction is all, made it a little more dreamy and less concrete. It probably would have worked about as well without. I think my friend (who had read the book) found it a little distracting because she was expecting it to look grittier. But in the end I found it to be a worthwhile piece of art as it was. But I guess I almost always do :)

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