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A month?

Nearly a month since I posted something… and not a quiet month! Highlights include Sophie coming to visit Las Vegas twice… we had dinner at Aureole, Melting Pot, Cafe Babareeba, and Taco Bell. We went hiking on Mt. Charleston. We hit First Friday. We had a spa day. We saw Snakes on a Plane (as bad as you’d expect) and The Illusionist (quite good) and watched a bunch of X-files. Lowlights include all day meetings with patent lawyers.

Oh: we also saw Crank. Wow. Okay: now I don’t think most of the people who read this blog would like it. But I can’t deny that it is basically a movie I would make. From beginning to end it’s ridiculous, offensive, and hardcore. There were about 10 times in the movie where I said to myself, “you know, it would be totally awesome if he did this…”, and in a second he was doing it. So if you want a glimpse behind my low brow, you know what to do.

I went to the Stagr launch party at the Palms. Stagr is the new company that Zappos founder Nick Swinmurn is putting together. They do edgy customized clothing. I think it’s pretty neat. They had a party in the “G” suite during the Magic Apparel Show. Somehow I became the low-rent portion of the evening entertainment. In addition to a pool table, full bar, two person ceiling-mounted swing, and spectacular view, the “G” suite features a slide away wall in the main area that reveals behind glass a complete view of the shower. The shower has a stripper pole in it. And there was me.

Okay, so I don’t know exactly how it got started but Lisa got a pot going for me to do a strip tease in the shower. Mind you there were probably 50 people there, most of whom I didn’t know, the rest of whom I worked with. I laughed it off at first, but within an hour the pot was over $200. Hell, I’ve made an ass of myself for free in the past, so how could I pass that up? I managed to get a couple ladies to come in and back me up like it was a Robert Palmer video. Lisa manned the shower controls, and I went for it. There were several nozzles and so I got sprayed from every angle as I took off my shirt and swung it around my head. I think that was when the girls who were backing me up all took off. The crowd really got into it, and so I did my best to put on a good show, making proper use of the pole and foggy glass. At one point people were clamoring for me to go full monty. So I took off my belt, and Lisa started saying “no. no. no. not a good idea.” She’s always looking out for me. But I wasn’t really planning to do the full monty; I just wanted to spank myself with the belt. So I did. Big reaction. And that was the finale. All in all I’d guess just under 2 minutes. Probably the easiest money I ever made.

There were cameras flashing the whole time, but I haven’t seen a single shot. Perhaps they were too explicit. I’ll post here again if anything comes my way.

And now I’m in Kentucky, and will be for several weeks. Until this crazy $25mm+ warehouse project is wrapped up. It’s looking good… it’s been a long year… I’ll post some pictures of that too when it’s done. It’s quite impressive, really.

Almost there…

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8 Responses to A month?

  1. My dad keeps trying to sell me on seeing Crank.

    ROFL re: shower strip tease .. you must have very friendly coworkers?

    • Hey D… took me a moment to figure out who you was :) Yes, my co-workers are super friendly. Of course it was my co-workers who put the money in and got me to do such an incriminating thing in front of people wih cameras. So maybe they’re actually trying to get me in trouble!

      Hope all is well!

    • BTW, if you can handle an action movie that’s very comfortable just being fun, you might like Crank.

  2. I’m disappointed. I have seen nothing on youtube yet. I thought the internet was designed to distribute this sort of information!

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