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Weekends in Kentucky

So of course I miss my comfy home and things like being able to cook meals instead of eat fast food every day, but other than that I can’t say I mind being out here in Kentucky. It’s just so darn colorful.

On Saturday Charlotte and I went on a little kayaking trip down the Blue River in Indiana. $25 a piece gets you all the fixins and a drop off upstream for a 3 hour trip. I haven’t done nearly enough naturey stuff since we all stopped going camping on July 4th, so I really dug the idyllic little scene. Charlotte’s a cool cat who’s always looking for an adventure. She’s the British engineer that has been managing the warehouse project for the past year. She’s been living in KY now (relocated from Manhattan) for the past several months.

On the way back from the kayak trip we came across an unmakred cave which we spent a few minutes exploring. According to an odd fellow we bumped into it was an old salt mine or something, and had been created by blasting. It was impressively large and cavernous, with chambers stretching a hundred yards in and the ceilings 30 feet high I’d guess

I happened to have my guitar in the trunk so I whipped it out for an impromptu performance in the unique accoustics of the cave. It actually had a pretty bland sound, but what was really cool was how damn quiet it was. When we made no noise ourselves, it really felt odd. It made me realize how much constant background noise we hear every moment that we don’t notice. I suppose that was the whole point of John Cage’s 4′ 33″. But when all that background noise is gone you notice that, and feel an interesting sense of isolation. I also noticed that I have more tinnitus that I’d like. After a few moments of true environmental silence, the ringing in my ears was downright loud.

Then there was a week of Zappos work. Did I mention that there’s this crazy warehouse thing going on? At the moment I think I’m in the calm before the storm.

Plans for next weekend include fishing and some type of bourbon festival.

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