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Back In LV

Ah, my own bed, my own car, my own pile of bills and junkmail…

Got back in last night and felt fairly disoriented. I couldn’t remember where I left my car… had the cabbie drive around the office lot for a minute before taking me home and finding it in my garage. Made myself a healthy dinner (grilled halibut and a salad) which was welcome after so much junk food in the past six weeks.

Wore my Kentucky-bought bib overalls to the office today, looking mighty fine if I do say so. Don’t have a picture unfortunately. They went over well. Several people commented that I looked thinner, so I guess the junk food didn’t gain me any weight. But I still feel fatter… perhaps I’m thinner but flabbier and less healthy overall? I defintely need to get back to the working-out-and-eating-right thing I had going for a while there.

I do have some candid pictures from KY, though. Here’s one of me talking with Keith near the putaway merge. I’m obviously a bit concerned about something. We’re standing at a point roughly in the middle of the warehouse. There’s as much behind the camera as there is between me and that far wall. And actually the far wall is only the halfway point, though the other side is basically just an empty room right now. And here’s a picture of me and Jen observing the putaway sorter. Behind us are several layers of conveyor. Behind that to the right is the racking, to the left is the famous carousels. Thanks to Brian K for taking pictures of me when I was unaware, at my most vulnerable.

Tonight at midnight I enable the rest of the inventory and then we’re 100% operational (right now we’re about 80%). That’s not really the end of the road, but it’s the beginning of the end. What a ride!

Then on Wednesday it’s back to KY to tie up any loose ends…

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3 Responses to Back In LV

  1. You two look like such the pair of Soviet factory-worker heroes:

    • Ранее Пекин, который является самым тесным союзником Пхеньяна, призывал проявлять сдержанность в отношении КНДР, чтобы не допустить усугубления ситуации!

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