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Back to Normal

Okay, I’ve gone a whole week without being an asshole, I think it’s safe to assume I’m back to normal. The warehouse has had some chaos in that time as well, so it’s not like I wasn’t tempted to be an asshole. But everything seems to be working reasonably well now, both inbound and outbound. Still have a long way to go of course, but all the critical pieces are operating.

Sophie came out last weekend, and we had a nice leisurly time. Had some great food at De La Torres, which I’ve wanted to take her to for a while. Hung out at Bernheim Forest with Charlotte and her visiting friend Sarah. Super beautiful and relaxing. The forest I mean. Well, the ladies too. We rented pedal tricycles and quads and went up to a tree-canopy overlook and then coasted back down the hill. Had a super nice dinner at Jack Fry’s. Watched the season premeire of LOST, which was good. My only weekend disappointment was giving her the warehouse tour on Saturday afternoon… turned out nobody was doing much at the warehouse then, which surprised me enough to call Craig. But that was normal, so we just looked at the stationary equipment which wasn’t nearly as impressive as when it’s in operation. Sophie was still impressed, but I wish she had seen it in action.

Monday was rough… my Dad came out and Sophie left, which was all fine, but there was a disaster at the warehouse so I wasn’t able to actually enjoy my lunch with them, the first time they’d had a chance to see each other in a year and a half.

The disaster was worked through by Thursday and I’m able to relax again. Dad’s been cruising around during the days doing little tourist things, and we have dinner and chat at night. Last night we had a great dinner at India Palace, with Keith, Mehryar, and Charlotte, so now he’s met some of the cool people I get to work with. I gave him a warehouse tour on Thursday night and he really seemed to dig it. At that point it was all running reasonably well so he got to see what an amazing machine it is.

He’s leaving tonight, and then I’m leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow night. But I’ll be back in KY on Wednesday. Hopefully things are still running as well then!

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