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You know…

I can really be an asshole sometimes. But I guess that’s true of nearly everybody.

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  1. Eh? Elaborate!

    My assholey moment today was being overly dogmatic at work. At least I can say I noticed and (hopefully) arrested it before it went too far.

    • On the rare occassion I can snap at people, and it’s usually at people close to me because they’re the only ones who have any power over me, so I’m more likely to get frustrated by them. Other people I can ignore.

  2. Or, since you offer no elaboration, shall we assume that that thought is appropos of nothing?

    • I have now elaborated just a wee bit above. But here’s a description just for you: remember how I got during the filming of Vendetta? Little bits of that were slipping through the past few days.

      • OK, well, that does put in some perspective. Hopefully the snapped at person will be a bit more forgiving than usual due to the obviously ridiculous amount of stress you’ve been under this week.

        Hope I didn’t sound like a jerk myself, I am always just a bit put off as a reader when a blogger chooses to make some short, cryptic comment as a blog entry when there’s obviously much more to it.

        But then again, I get the sense that this blog is more for you than for us the readers. And nobody’s putting a gun against my head and making me read it.

        Oh, wait–someone is! AGH!


          Ahem… sorry. Er, I mean, no, you didn’t sound like a jerk :)

          I think the blog is mainly for me, as a record of my life, but if I was sure nobody was reading it I’d probably slack off. Which is why I don’t just write in a diary.

          It’s funny, I think I agree that a cryptic blog post can be annoying to read. However it feels like the right thing to write in certain cases. Like when I’ve got something on my mind that I don’t know if it’s appropriate or worthwhile to discuss in detail, and so I just put something out there. And sometime it sparks a discussion and sometimes not. I was kind of hoping that all the people I’ve been an asshole to over the years would read it and think, hey, at least he’s not oblivious to it :)

          As to the other person’s forgiveness, I’m sure it’ll be fine, but they’re under just as much stress so it’s not like I can expect them not to push my buttons sometimes. Whatcha gonna do?

        • cryptic comments

          hey! i’m an asshole too! charlie zulu alpha ipswitch ipswitch delta!

  3. The Swayze Likes to Kid

    What do you mean “sometimes”?

  4. was a time there was you and me and a whole lot of assholes out there. now you’re one too. I’d give you some hell for leaving me alone but, truth be told, I think I left you there a long time ago.

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