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Good as new…

Well, not quite good as new, but this new picture of Sophie, just six days after the incident shows amazing improvement. (traumatic day one photo for comparison). You gotta respect the human body’s ability to heal — with a little help from obsessive cleaning and modern antibiotics of course. Her new skin is still very fragile and sensitive, inflaming at moving parts like the folds of her eyelid. But at least it isn’t an oozing open wound any more. It’ll be weeks before we see if there’s any scarring, though it would have to be minor from the looks of it. It’ll be months before we see how the pigmentation works out. But after that I think she can go right back to the cover of Vogue.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words.

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11 Responses to Good as new…

  1. Yay! I’m so happy Sophie’s recovery is going well!

  2. Happy to read that she’s healing nicely. She looks a little more comfortable in this pic, too. : )

  3. I just got back last night from Colorado, and had been in a LiveJournal deprivation tank for 6 days. I’m so sorry to hear what happened to Sophie! I think she looks amazingly better already, and I really hope she’s okay!

    • A LiveJournal deprivation tank?!? I thought those were ruled unconstitutional under the 8th amendment.

      Thanks for the kind thoughts — she is doing well now. Hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable. Did you make your classic jello/cool-whip/cranberry sauce parfait?

      • This is Kathy.

        I wish I could say I made my cranberry cream cheese dish that involves both canned cranberry sauce and 7up, but alas, dinner was at Mark’s family’s house in Colorado, and they frown upon white trash side dishes there.

        I’m glad to hear Sophie’s doing better.

  4. I too was lucky to have been away from LiveJournal long enough to see the 6-day photo before the 1-day photo. Send her my wishes for a speedy and full recovery.

    • Best wishes…

      Wow, that sucks, hope sophie feels better soon.

      It looks like she was on the receiving end of a facial – from SATAN!

      • Re: Best wishes…

        I couldn’t help but wonder in which manner “facial” is to be interpreted.

        • Re: Best wishes…

          Probably the bad one. I just assumed that SATAN shoots molten jizz out of his devil dong. disturbing.

          • Re: Best wishes…

            Isn’t that in the opening scene of Devil In Miss Jones 2?

          • Re: Best wishes…

            I won’t pretend I don’t know EXACTLY the scene you’re talking about.

            In DIMJ2 the devil shoots fire out of his penis. It’s pretty hilarious. But for some reason when I imagine a baelzebub bukake – and I frequently do – I picture liquid lava loads for their satanic spew.

            btw – there is a porn store (and a pussycat lounge!) right next to the subway where I sometimes get a sandwich (I shield the baby’s eyes from the smut when we walk by). In the window was a dvd called something like “ass raper 40″. Dear god, does anyone really need FORTY dvds of this stuff??? It’s all gone way too far. Its kind of disturbing that that soon there will be 100 dvds of chicks chocking on peter north’s choad.

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