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So now that she’s doing well, Sophie and I were thinking of renting all the movies that feature someone with a massive facial scar or deformity. There’s Mask, The Man Without A Face, Darkman (we’ll skip the direct to video sequels), and Vanilla Sky (which I strangely liked better than the original). Any other classics we should include on the list?

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  1. The Elephant Man
    The Phantom of the Opera
    Beauty and the Beast?

  2. Hunchback of Notre Dame (with Charles Laughton)?

  3. Tina Fey has a scar on her face and you can see her in Mean Girls.

    And then there’s that Kuato dude from Total Recall, not to mention quite a few other mutants with badly deformed faces. Also the girl with three titties. Is three titties a facial deformity? Might be worth looking into…

    • speaking of mutants – you’ve got toxic avenger and you’ve got the original robocop, where the guy gets dumped in the toxic waste. The original robocop is full of disturbing scenes. And then in the 3rd one – ninjas.

  4. massive facial deformities

    uh… Star Wars? Can you count Darth Vader’s head? You don’t even really see it…

    how about Scarface (is his face REALLY scarred?)

    Eraserhead (is his head REALLY an eraser?)

    If you watch Idle Hands I think Seth Green sports a massive head wound for most of the movie. Jessica Alba is pretty hot in the movie, but she’s young, so its a wee bit creepy to be horndoggin on her.

  5. If you’re talking about classics, how can you ignore “Batman Forever“? Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face … Val Kilmer as … The Batman!

    No? Then how about The Elephant Man? /me cheers David Lynch.

  6. I thought of another one! Have you ever seen “A Chinese Tall Story”? It’s loosely (very loosely from what I’ve heard) based on an old Chinese tale (A Journey into the West). It’s very bizarre but kinda fun and has imp people. The imps have some deformities and what-not .. You can see a trailer here and decide for yourself:

    My thoughts on the movie after watching it earlier this year are here:

  7. instantly rises above

    Pay It Forward must be on your list as well.

  8. does this count as a facial deformity?

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