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I just realized I’ve been living out of a backpack for five and a half months. And everything is okay.

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  1. The backpack? That thing is incredible. I think I’m going to be buried with mine.

    • Unfortunately no — mine got stolen with my laptop back in the spring of 2006. It was my favorite backpack. But without it I’ve ended up using a rather nice REI internal frame pack that is a fair bit bigger than the Zappos bag but lacks any computer section. The computer goes in the newer Zappos laptop bag, which is pretty cool too, though not as cool as the SF era backpack. So I guess I’ve really been living out of a backpack and a laptop bag.

      I think I lived out of the old Zappos backpack for about a month in KY once. That was pretty cool.

      Hey! I’m in SF. We should grab lunch at some point. I take it you’re not in Kenya?

      • Absolutely re: lunch. Hey, some of us are going to go see Film School tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Bottom of the Hill. That’s Cleary’s roommate (or ex-roommate)’s band.

        I think one of the best things about the size of the Zappos backpack is that it fits under the seat on an airplane, even when full. Very convenient for me, who typically gets stuck in ‘C’.

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