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San Fran

I’m having a great time in San Francisco. Man I like it here. And seeing lots of people! Sophie and I had lunch with Eric at Tu Lan the other day, and I think I’ll be meeting up with him, Mehryar, and Tim tomorrow down in Sunnyvale. Dan happened to be in town so we hit Henry’s Hunan, with Thomas and Heather. The two of them joined us for another night of Bhangra dancing at Rickshaw Stop, along with Kariminder.

Rickshaw Stop actually does have air conditioning, I learned last night. First, because at some point condensation started dripping on us from the ceiling — little chilled bits of distilled sweat. Second, because we actually found a vent up on the stage and I got a few seconds of cool air as we danced by. Now: the fact that it’s still 90 degrees in there even with the air conditioning makes it all the more impressive to me, from a clubbing perspective.

I met a special guy today: Jean-Francois. He’s special because he also broke his arm while arm wrestling a few years ago. He never had met anyone before who had done such a thing either. We compared notes. He’s going back to France tomorrow, but we’ll always share a special bond.

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