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[expletive deleted]

[expletive deleted]ing mother[expletive deleted]ing scotus!

[expletive deleted]

I [expletive deleted].

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3 Responses to [expletive deleted]

  1. :(

    We’re screwed. -Neil

    • Re: :(

      Well, I think we’ll swing back the other direction after several high-profile cases. But it might take a while. And in the meantime innocent people will suffer. All because we don’t learn much from history.

      Good to hear from you, though!

  2. In all fairness, I should mention that in general I am impressed with the Supreme Court. I’ve scanned a few of their decisions over the past several years, and they do get a lot of things right. And even when they don’t, they seem to understand the issues involved and make honest efforts to figure out what is best. Which isn’t actually that common in politics.

    I would have liked to see what they would have done about this case. I don’t understand why they turned it down. Perhaps they believe they have bigger fish to fry.

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