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Redwood City Art Center

On Friday was the opening night of Sophie’s gallery showing at the Redwood City Art Center. It was a cool night — the place got pretty crowded, there were free hors d’oeuvres and wine, and an impressive belly dancing performance.

Lots of friends stopped by, including Eric and Lauren, Wendy and Kariminder, Rachel, Matthew, Raelle, Kathy, and Mark. What a turnout! Eric brought his dad by too, and it was very cool to meet him — a super distinguished fellow.

I must point out that the poor quality of the linked pictures above is entirely the photographer’s (that would be me) fault. I was using the same top-of-the-line Canon 5D that Sophie uses for all her shoots. So that’s not where she keeps her secret sauce.

There was a nice variety of art at the show, each with a distinctive voice. The gallery instructions said to hang four pieces, which is what Sophie did… but it seemed that not many of the other artists read the instructions. One fellow had at least 20 pieces hanging. In a way it was cool because her images had a sort of relaxed look to them which went nicely with the uncluttered hanging, so I think we’d still use the less-is-more approach in the future. The four images looked absolutely great done large, but they are also on her website:

It was fun to see folks come by and study them and talk about them, and maybe take a card. For a very first stab at something like this, I’d say it was a great success. The pieces will be hanging there for the rest of October.

After the show, we went to a decent Mexican bistro across the street. A chicken burrito was not so great, but the shrimp quesadillas and sangria were excellent.

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