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New Season!

A quick group photo session with some friends before a night out on the town resulted in a photo that just begged to be turned into this.

Camryn was the first to note that the original photo looked like a TV sitcom title card, and that I looked like the “goofy guy”. I threw together the graphics, and then he created a facebook group.

And, lord willing, that’s where it will end.

(One open question is what my “catch phrase” would be…)

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2 Responses to New Season!

  1. You guys are too funny. :)
    I’m tempted to join the group. lol

    • You’d certainly be welcome. As a fan, or perhaps as a goofy guest-star east-coast high-school buddy that pops in a few times a season :)

      Oh: Merry Christmas. Yes, I’m up and online too :)

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