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First Movie of 2008: Blade Runner

Had a nice low-key New Year’s Eve with some friends. We hung out at Sophie’s place with snacks and drinks. And now it’s time for me to re-enter the job market. My year of adventure is at an end… yet it leaves me hungry for more. I think I’ll have to wait for the time being.

Sophie, Eric and I went to see the re-re-edit of Blade Runner tonight. Didn’t notice anything different from the director’s cut that came out in the 90′s. But that’s okay, because I love that cut and I’d never seen it on the big screen.

Man, I really dig that movie. It’s got one of the most morally ambiguous cast of characters I can think of. The run-down high-tech city atmosphere and the pervasive multiculturalism are spot on. It’s got a slow deliberate pacing that they just can’t do in Hollywood anymore. Such that you can think and feel as you watch. And it asks a great question without every stating it: “what is it about us, if anything, that makes us worthy of respect?”

Let’s see if I can answer that to my own satisfaction by the end of the year.

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