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Neat Photo Collection

While doing some market research for Sophie’s photography business, I came across a photo collection that I really liked.

I think it’s worth going through the whole collection of 86 photos and reading the text.

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2 Responses to Neat Photo Collection

  1. Just because I need more excuses to use this usericon:

    Svetlana: 025: Ellie
    Svetlana: nate likes this one

    rayhawk: haha I like the guy in the back of that one
    rayhawk: he is clearly thinking:
    rayhawk: “I wish I had some of that pizza”

    Vauxelle: lol
    Vauxelle: these woman have balls!

    rayhawk: well they’re from new york, of course they do
    rayhawk: even the unballsiest woman from new york has more balls than the ballsiest man in all of los angeles
    rayhawk: this is a law of nature

    Vauxelle: true!
    Vauxelle: lol!

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