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I’ve been in Florida for the past several days, visiting with the family and prepping for a trip back to Las Vegas with all my stored goodies in tow. Musical equipment mainly, and some other odds and ends. All things to make my place feel more like my place.

For the drive I bought a Toyota Corolla. That’s my new (used) car, and with a little luck I’m hoping it’ll last me for the next five years. It’s not as nice as the Prius I sold last year, but it’s also not as expensive, and I don’t want to spend that kind of money right now. It’s supposed to get pretty great gas mileage for a non-hybrid, but I’ll reserve judgement until I’m on the road.

I’ll probably leave by the end of this week… after I get my iPod hookup installed. Drive cross country without my tunes? I can’t go for that. No. No can do.

On the trip I plan to hit New Orleans, Austin, Albuquerque, and the Grand Canyon. All new for me. A leisurely pace of nine days, I expect.

I’m sad about some things. I’m hopeful about others. Such is life.

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3 Responses to Florida

  1. I was surprised when I heard recently you were moving to Vegas. I had no idea that was in the works! If you’re moving to have a bigger live/work space there must be something in Emeryville or somewhere else in the city. For instance our wedding photographer worked out of a big live/work space in the Mission District (around Florida & 19th). We’ll miss you not living here!

    Check out Rudy’s BBQ in Texas (there’s several locations in Austin) for a really tasty $5+ meal (2002 prices).

    • I’m all about the cheap eats, so I’ll aim for Rudy’s! Thanks for the suggestion :)

      I looked around SF a bit, but eventually I decided I just needed my own place in an area that was a lot cheaper. I’m a bit of a creepy guy… I like to be alone a lot!

      Las Vegas fit the bill. I’m renting from Sophie actually: her mom’s previous place is very nice and she gave me a great deal on it.

  2. Here’s to actually unpacking!

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