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Today is the five year anniversary of the death of a friend of mine: Andrew Phillips. I knew him since high school, and he took his own life rather peacefully in 2003 without explanation.

We didn’t spend all that much time together, but he was one of the most fearlessly creative and inquisitive minds I’ve known. He sparked more than a few “whoa” moments for me, and many laughs, in our rambling conversations late into the night while nearby computers churned out frame after frame of shoddy 3D.

Today I also randomly happened across an interview with Douglas Hofstadter. He’s the author of GEB, a book that deeply changed the way I think about the human mind. The interview touches on the notion of immortality through memories. I couldn’t help but think about Andrew as I read it.

Incidentally Andrew was the source of the copy of GEB that I read, and a fan of synchronicity.

I don’t believe in the supernatural at all, but I admit that I like things that seem supernatural.

Also about dying and being immortal: I’ve moved to Las Vegas again.

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4 Responses to Get This

  1. Wow, for reals? Was my karaoke singing that bad?

    History suggests you won’t have a concrete answer to this but I’ll ask anyway– what are you going to do there?

    • My plan at the moment is to gather all my “stuff”, which is spread from coast to coast, bring it to LV and settle in. Getting all my stuff together is going to involve some cross country driving, which I’m looking forward to.

      Then I’m going to see if I can still create music.

      If it turns out okay, I’ll invite you over to karaoke/massacre one of my songs.

      • wow! interesting to hear. back to vegas, huh? i can’t wait to hear the inspired song that come out of the desert… oh yeah – this is cassie :)

  2. Hi! I can’t believe I didn’t see this until now. Have you considered sending the story out to any of the paying markets? or another short story site?

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