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Website Redux & I’m Off!

After a decade I finally got around to revamping my personal site. It’s got a new look and feel, new content, and even a new URL. Talk about getting a lot for your money!

In the process I decided to say goodbye to livejournal, so this will be the home for my (rarely updated) blog going forward. It may see a small burst of updates in the next couple months as I head off to South Africa again for more adventure. I fly over this Wednesday and will be there until May 2nd. I’m very excited!

My old site is still up for now, but I think that before too long the legacy of Binadopta will be no more. The good news is that I can then sell the domain for the cool million it’s worth.

Bug reports for this new site are encouraged. I’m using WordPress for the blog portion, and I’m sure I’ve made some errors in the custom theme. Let me know what they are.

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2 Responses to Website Redux & I’m Off!

  1. Good for you Jon. We look forward to hearing of your adventures. You have a good heart for helping the folks who really need it.

  2. Travel safely, JField! Looking forward to keeping up with your many adventures :)

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