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Real Estate Tycoon!

I got offers accepted on two houses in the past week! One in Rhode Island for my mom and Tim, and one in Nevada for me. Both should close around the end of August, assuming nothing wild and crazy comes up.

Here’s the RI house, and here’s a video tour that my sister and I made for the family. We made videos of five houses in all, but this one ended up the clear winner.

And here’s the place I’m getting. I ended up choosing a condo unit so there’s less to worry about when I’m out of town. Which was nearly 50% of the time last year, and about 60% so far this year.

Both places need a little sprucin’ up, but that’s part of the fun of owning a home! Now I’m off to Scotland for a couple weeks, but after that it’ll be all about sprucin’ and movin’. I’m excited to settle in, and to see my mom and Tim do the same. I think I’m sleeping a bit better, too.

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  1. Carol Ann Flaherty

    We love your Real Estate Touring Video’s by Cynthia and You! Especially that jog around our future M. Bedroom LMHO!
    Honestly you show such courage. It must be all those Mighty Mouse Foundational Cartoon’s to “save the day” or was it Fred Roger’s which ever it was … I Love what I see.

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