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Setbacks and Scotland

Right as I was leaving for a 10 day trip to Scotland, the real-estate deal in Rhode Island fell through.

We discovered an issue with the septic system that required a $12K repair. The seller was unwilling to adjust the price, and in fact demanded more money for the house after we discovered the flaw. Some might call that “crazy”. We gave them a few days to come to their senses, but to no avail. So we’re moving on to another place. Oh well.

None of that got in the way of a lovely 10 days in Scotland, though. Had a great time with two friends checking out Edinburgh, Inverness, Loch Ness, and Invergarry. Man, what a gorgeous and charming country. I’d done Edinburgh six years ago with Sophie, along with Glasgow and the Orkneys. There’s really so much to see.

This trip we focused on castles. Saw seven in all (if I’m remembering correctly) and that’s not counting the castle-like place we stayed in last few nights. They varied from military outposts to luxurious mansions, currently used to crumbled remains. We also went to some Highland Games and watched strong men throw heavy things around.

I’m back in the US now, and after a brief stay near Lake Champlain in Vermont I’m driving down to Rhode Island to hopefully wrap up housing for my mom. Then it’s back to Las Vegas where I can start settling into my own new place.

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